BRUNTON ADC Summit Wind Meter

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The essential functions of the Wind, with more capacity to inform and warn. Enhanced tools help you forecast weather, set warning signals, and let you time, track, log and download more performance data.
• Weatherproof / submersible
• Current Temperature
• Current wind speed
• Maximum wind speed
• Average wind speed
• Wind Speed alarm
• Wind chill
• Minimum wind chill
• Wind chill alarm
• Current water speed
• 12/24 hour clock
• Time and date
• Chronograph
• Race/countdown timer
• Weight: 2.4 oz
• Dimensions: 4.3''x2''x0.8''
• Current barometric pressure
• Past 24 hour pressure graph
• Prediction for 12 hours weather
• Storm alarm
• Current altitude (ft,m)
• Maximum altitude (ft, m)
• Altitude alarm
• Ski run counter
• IR data communication
• Manual and automatic data logging

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