3M™ DBI-SALA® Saflok Concrete Wedge Anchor

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Provides a safe, fall arrest rated 22kN anchor point for vertical concrete applications
Portable and reusable anchor can be removed and simply re-installed in a new location for added jobsite flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership
Exclusive quick-release button boosts productivity by providing immediate anchor removal for added worker satisfaction
Virtually eliminates the need for tools to remove a stuck anchor from the hole, giving the user instant mobility
Unique forged connection ring provides a compatible tie-off point for your personal fall arrest system for added safety
Load cable and chock release cables are shielded from damage caused by grinding against the concrete lip of the hole for a longer service life
Exclusive pivoting easy-grip handle provides cable kink protection for added safety and longer service life
Constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and other non-corrosive materials for a longer service life
Designed for use in cured concrete with a compression strength of at least 21MPA
C omplies with EN795 Class B
Complete Versatility and Flexibility
For added versatility, the portable and reusable concrete anchor can be used over and over for vertical concrete applications. It incorporates an exclusive quick-release button boosting productivity by providing immediate anchor removal where other anchors bring work to a standstill. Our anchor virtually eliminates the need for tools to remove a stuck anchor from the hole – No more jobsite scavenger hunts to locate a hammer and a punch to remove a stuck anchor! The anchor was designed with strength and flexibility in mind. It is 22kN rated, and an ideal connection point for a personal fall arrest system, work positioning system, personnel riding system or rescue system. In addition, a truly "compatible" connection ring unlike any other on the market makes tying off to this device safe and secure.

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