3M™ DBI-SALA® NoWorries Double Stop Descenders for 3/8" Rope

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The Rollgliss™ NoWorries™ Double Stop Descender has had a re-design. While most changes to the device will be difficult to see, they have substantially improved the performance and increased the ratings and certifications of the device.

Performance enhancements include:
• A more comfortable and ergonomic handle;
• Smoother operation in descent;
• Lower co-effi cient of friction when up-hauling/belaying or using the device within a progress capture system;
• Increased efficiency when used on a slope or with lighter weights. Testing to multiple standards has increased the descender's certifi cation and use criteria. Performance limits have been achieved without the aid of additional friction devices. All testing has been conducted with gloved hands on the descender and brake line.

• WLL: 300kg (661lbs), Tested to 375 kg (827 lb)
• Maximum descent: 200m (656')
• Suits kernmantle ropes: 10.5mm – 12mm (7/16") , and 12.5 - 13mm (1/2")
• NFPA 1983 (12 edition) rated to 300kg (661 lb), class: 11mm - T and 13mm - G
• NFPA 1983 (12 edition) tested as a belay device
• EN341 (2011) EN12841, ASNZS 4488, ANSI Z359.4, rated to 300kg (661 lb)

Gold/Gold/: 7/16" (10.5 - 12 mm) (Blue tip)

Improvements from previous version:

New VersionPrevious Version
300KGS Rated (no additional friction aids required)100KGS
200M Max Descent150M Max Descent
NFPA 1983 2012 Edition T (13mm version G)NFPA 1983 2006 Edition LIGHT
Weighs 823 gramsWeighs 850 grams
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